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Gou Tai-ming: Richest Man in Taiwan

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Gou Tai-ming is the richest man in Taiwan. He was born on October 8, 1950 in Taipei County. He is a business tycoon in Taiwan. He is the chairman and founder of Foxconn.

Foxxon. One of the companies owned by Gou.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is a company owned by the richest man in Taiwan manufactures electronics on contract for other companies always on contract. His company has worked for Apple which has factories in numerous countries across the world. In Mainland China, Apple employs 1.2 million people and as a result it is the largest exporter.
Gou’s parents lived in Shanxi Province in China. They later fled to Taiwan in 1949.His father was an ex-policeman. After graduating from college, Gou started working at a rubber factory. He did that until the age of 24.
In 1974, he founded Hon Hai in Taiwan with a seed capital of $7500. He had just 10 workers. He started making plastic parts for TV sets in Tucheng, a Taipei suburb. In 1980, he received a contract to make connectors to the Atari console joystick. He embarked on an 11 months journey across U.S. in search of customers. He was a very aggressive salesman who always dropped unannounced on companies and that way he was able to attain new customers.
The factory of the richest man in Taiwan is in mainland China was opened in 1988. It opened its business in Shenzhen where his large factory is located even nowadays. With fast expansions, his manufacturing facilities were turned into a campus which includes dining, chicken farming, housing for workers and medical care facilities.
It was in 1996 when Hon Hai received a contract to start building Compaq chassis. Later one he received for contracts from IBM, HP as well as Apple. That is how the company grew into a giant manufacturer for consumer electronics.
He is worth US$5.1 billion and is listed as the richest man in Taiwan and the 239th richest person in the world.
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