Wow! Our Police force Wametoka Mbali!

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Nowadays, our police officers look sophisticated, right? Most of them are even  digital they carry smart communication devices. I never knew that they were once bogus by today standards. Just check the photos below and you will real appreciate their progress. 

Photo: Police Shoes in 1960’s

The above picture shows what was considered as shoes for the tribal police force. The sole of these shoes was wooden and the upper was made of leather straps. This was an advancement at that time considering that many people walked barefooted! These days there are a variety of high tech shoes which protect their feet as they walk and run on rough terrains. I have friends who join the police force because they admire the police’s great looking uniforms more especially during public parades. 
We should not blame anybody for these bogus looking attires. To us they look inappropriate for a police force. I am very sure if the Second World War veterans see this pictures, they will remember them with nostalgia! After all most Kenyans who are aged over 50 years started wearing shoes when they joined form one!

Photo: Police Hat in 1930s

 The police hats won by the tribal police in the 1930s looked like what I seen in most Nigerian Movies. The village elders and ogas adorn similar hats as they mediate on the village tribunals and council of elders!
I think Kenyans who were alive then could simply flee on seeing the red hat. Recently, when Chris Murungaru was the Minister in charge of security I was in high school. This was the time when we used to call police vehicles “Murungaru.” On seeing one patrolling our school neighbourhood we would flee!

Police Shoes

 In Luo Nyanza, these shoes are called akala. They were won by the police only just before independence. So if you were caught wearing one, you will be called a police imposter. If this was a police uniform, then, there is nothing fashionable about them. Nowadays, we call ourselves digital. Maybe there was another digital era hundreds of years ago. The only difference is that we do not have records to show that or we forget quickly! History repeats itself.

If you have nice photos of our police force on how they looked before independence, please add them on our comment section. 

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