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The Rt. Hon Hugh Cholmondeley, 3rd Baron Delamere, KCMG

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Born 1870

Died 1931

He first came to Kenya in 1901 to acquire vast land holdings from the British Crown. At home in England he left behind over 7,000 acres which he inherited from his parents in North of England.

He first made his trip to Africa in 1891 to hunt lions in Somali land (at that time there were lions in Somali!). He then made trips annually to continue with his hunting activities.

In 1894, he was attacked by a lion which left him limping for the rest of his life. He was saved by a Somali who jumped at the lion hence helping him escape death.

In 1899, he married Lady Florence Ann Cole. Starting from May, 1903, he began applying for land grants from the British Crown. First he acquired 100,000 acres in Naivasha.

In 1906, he acquired a large farm in Gilgil where he established his 50,000 acres of Soysambu farm. Lord Delemere farmed his huge land by trial and error.

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In 1905, he became a pioneer daily farmer in East Africa. He was good at cross-breeding of sheep, chicken and later cattle. During the previous year he had imported 500 pure-bred merino sheep from New Zealand. The majority of these sheep died.

His daring theatrics nearly made in bankrupt by 1909. He never gave up. He even tried raising ostriches for their feathers. In that project he imported incubators from Europe. The venture did not last long because the market for feathers went down after some time.

He tried his hand in maize farming. He owned and operated Florida Farm. Starting from 1914, his farming efforts started to bear fruit. 

In addition to all those efforts, he also played a key political role in the colonial Kenya. He was the spokesman for the British settlers for over three decades.

He died in 1931 at the age 61. He was survived by his wife and children. The wife later became the first lady mayor of Nairobi.

Lord Delamere’s family decided to stay in Kenya after 1963 when Kenya attained her independence from Britain.

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