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No Old Biycles in Denmark

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When I visited Copenhagen, I was impressed to see only brand new bicycles on the streets. I kept wondering!

Where do they take the used bicycles? A friend told me that repairing a bike in Copenhagen is very expensive. This is one the cities with the highest hourly wages in the world.

I went round the shops window shopping. I knew that a new bicycle costs about $100 in London as well as in Nairobi, Kenya. This was not the case in Denmark, it was more than that price due to higher costs of production.

Repairing the bike was even more expensive. You see, repairing a bike requires a lot of human expertise as well as time. Averagely, repairing a bike will therefore cost $200 to $300. That is why the residents of Denmark prefer junking their bikes and buying new ones instead of taking them to a mechanic.

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