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A total of 19 passengers drown into a river Enziu in Mwingi in Mwangi due to floods. The bus was carrying members of Mwingi Catholic Church choir members who were heading to a wedding event. 


The bus tried to navigate a river which was flooded before it plunged into the river leading to the deaths of the 19 passengers on the bus. 


The bus crew stayed on the other side of the river for 3-4 hours waiting for the water to subside. When they saw that two other motor vehicles had successfully crossed the bridge, the bus driver also attempted to cross the river when the bus plunged into the river. 


By the time of going to press, local divers were in the process of retrieving the dead people after passengers drown into a river Enziu in Mwingi. 


According to OCPD of Mwingi, it was not clear how many people were in the bus. However, those who remained in Mwingi said that the bus was carrying 50 passengers. 


It can be remembered that years ago, a Toyota Probox plunged into the same river and the victims were retrieved after one month. 


The river had been flooding for a long time and motorists have been warned to take precautions when crossing the river during rainy season. 



At least 14 people were rescued from the bus. Our condolences goes to those who have lost their friends and family in this tragic accident. May the Lord Rest them in peace. Amen. 


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