Tundu Lissu speaks to Tanzanians from Belgium

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Tundu Lissu speaks to Tanzanians from Belgium

Tundu Lissu has spoken from Belgium where he is seeking treatment after he was shot in an attempted assassination in Tanzania. Tundu Lissu is a Tanzanian politician, lawyer and and MP for Singida East and President of Tanganyika Law Society (TLS).

This is the first message he has sent to Tanzanians for a long time since he was airlifted to Nairobi Kenya to seek for emergency treatment.

“My fellow Tanzanians, today 6-01-2019 is exactly one year since I was flown to Belgium from Nairobi, Kenya to continue with treatment after an attempted assassination on me on 7-09-2017. Since we’ve started the new year 2019, I beg you to allow me to pass my new year message through this open letter. This is part I of my open letter to you.

Just like in April, 2018 when I vacated my position as president of Tanganyika Law Society, I’m forced to speak with you while I’m admitted in hospital. We started the year 2018 while I was admitted in an hospital in Nairobi. At that time, I had been operated on 17 different places on my body.

We have started the new year 2019 still being in hospital. This time I am admitted at an hospital located at the University of Leuven in Belgium…,” said Tundu Lissu in his open letter to Tanzanians.

Listen to him narrate the letter to his fellow countrymen in the YouTube video below:

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