The Republic of Palau

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The Republic of Palau

In our Know the World Series, today we focus on the Republic of Palau. This is an island country which is located in the Western Pacific Ocean.

The republic of Palau is made up of a total of 340 islands. The country is smaller than Nairobi because it measures 466 square kilometers. In comparison, Nairobi City is 691 square kilometers.

Koror Island has the largest population in Palau but the capital city known as Ngerulmud is located at the Babeldaon Island.

Tourism is the backbone of the republic of Palau economy. The country also practices subsistence agriculture as well as lots of fishing. The country’s GNP is made up of a large amount of foreign aid.

Republic of Palau uses US dollar for all their transactions. This means that they do not have their own currency to boast about.

The citizens of Pelau speak both English and Palauan as the official languages. There are other people in the country who speak Tobian, Sonsorolese and Japanese but these are considered to be regional languages.

Pelau gained her independence in 1994 and currently the country has a population of 20,600 people.

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