Scott Sumner the blogger who saved the economy

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Scott Sumner the blogger who saved the economy

This is the blogger who saved the economy and this is his life story. I hope you will enjoy reading and remember to leave comments in the comments section below.

When he started blogging, he did not know that people would read his blogs. But people gave attention to his written work he later became the blogger who saved the economy .

When he wrote his book, publishers never wanted to publish it. As a result of his blogging, he started getting plenty of invitations to speak at conferences, write op-eds among others.

Then several publishers started expressing their interest to publish his books. In 2015 Scott published his book titled; The Midas Paradox.

Scott’s blog is called Money Illusion which had a great impact in influencing the Federal Reserve Policy in 2012.

Scott started his blog in 2009 after he was highly frustrated when he discovered that people are not discussing issues which in his opinion were of great importance.

He therefore blogged about Quantitative Easing, Monetary Policy, level targeting among other topics in economics.

Scott Sumner earned his BA from Wisconsin and his doctorate in economics from Chicago University.

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