Snake Swallowed millions of Naira

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 Snake Swallowed millions of Naira

A Nigerian clerk was suspended after telling the auditors that a snake ate 36 million naira, which is an equivalent of Kshs.10 million or 100,000 US dollars. Philomena Chieshe, the sales clerk was working for the Nigerian examination board that collects exam fees.

The joint admissions, the exam board and the Matriculations Board dismissed her claim and started a disciplinary proceeding. She claims that a snake sneaked into the office of the board in Makurdi, and swallowed the money.

Before the incidence, the JAMB had purchased scratch cards from the state offices and other centers to help them access the website of the board to check their admission status or registration. JAMB registrar introduced some reforms to end the use of the scratch cards.

Auditors were dispatched to different JAMB offices to take an inventory of the unsold and sold scratch cards and help to recover any money that might have been generated or mismanaged during the time of selling the cards.

Philomina was not able to account for 36 million Naira that she made the past years before the use of the cards was abolished. She confessed that her house girl connived with Joan Asen, a JAMB staff to steal the money “spiritually” from the vault in the office. She said that her role was to sell the cards and was not involved in handling the money. Joan Asen and other senior members were responsible.

In her statement, Joan and her friends confessed that they stole the money through a mysterious snake that used to sneak into the accounts office, and swallowed the money.

Philomina had been saving money in the bank, but she found it hard to account for the money. So, she started to save in the vault. Each time she opened the vault, she found nothing. She was shocked how the money could just disappear from the vault. She started to interrogate everyone in the office and home, no one seemed to know what happened to the Naira. She pressed until her house girl confessed that the money was taken by a snake that sneaked into the office.

Have you ever heard of a snake that eats money? The snake would have eaten about 36,000 notes if it is true.


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