Why Work-From-Home Setups Are A Boost to the Economy

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Why Work-From-Home Setups Are A Boost to the Economy

Although the unemployment rate in Kenya has dropped significantly from 2010 to 2016, at 11% it is still far higher than countries like the US, who enjoy unemployment rates of under 5%. With strong support from government, small businesses seem to pick up the slack that large businesses leave behind, but there is still room for improvement. This is where the solopreneur comes in and shortens the gap. Discover how the work-from-home setup may just be the answer to unemployment.

Specific Groups In the Economy Now Have Access to Employment

All it takes is a personal computer and an internet connection for many to have access to remote work. This is because many companies are now outsourcing many of their tasks to freelancers from around the world. From online writing to graphic design and anything in between, the internet opens many doors to those who wish to earn online. Remote work is handy for stay-at-home wives and moms who wish to contribute to the household financially, or even college students who wish to pay their tuition as they go along.

There Are No Limits to Income Possibilities

Remote work such as graphic design or programming requires the applicant to have a certain skill set to be successful, where others merely require the user to be online. For example, getting paid to take online surveys is perfect for those who have free time on their hands but don’t necessarily have the qualifications to take on design or programming. It also exposes them to some neat products and discounts which could have an indirect positive effect on their household.

An Opportunity to Create Passive Income

Those who work from home and wish to take it a step further, can look into ways to monetize their setup and even earn some passive income on the side. This works well for those who set up a website and make use of affiliates or those who design specific items such as templates and designs and sell them in online stores such as Etsy or Creative Market. These platforms are also suitable for photographers with high-quality photo stock who wish to earn an income from them. The various license options make it possible to sell the items as unique items or more generalized uses.

The commute in and out of a busy city is no longer as inviting as it used to be in the 80’s through early 2000’s as traffic congestion and costs increased. Remote workers have the benefit of work-life balance when discipline forms part of their daily routine and the possibilities or earning are endless.

Written by Lucy Wyndham

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