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What is going on in Zimbabwe
On Wednesday, soldiers took over the state broadcaster ZBC and denied access to the government offices. This move came when the president sacked his vice president. The people are angry at the way those around Mugabe are treating Zimbabweans and the way they are running the country.
The spokesman of the army says that President Mugabe, the leader of Zanu-PF party, is safe. Although there is no word from Mugabe’s family or the government.
Most people think that this may be the start of overturning of power in Zimbabwe. Mugabe has ruled for 37 years.
What has happened in Zimbabwe so far:
The vice president, Mnangagwa was sacked on 8th November by President Mugabe. Mnangagwa, a veteran of the country and an ally of the army chief who struggled for independence. He was sacked because he showed “traits of disloyalty”.
Mnangagwa fled the country after he was sacked. He was seen as a likely successor to the president.
Constantino, the Army Commander reported on 13th Monday that the military would act if the purges in opposition to the former liberation fighter did not stop. Those who fought alongside president Mugabe in 1970s claim that the president has betrayed the revolution.
Matemadanda, the Secretary-General of the National War Veterans Association of Zimbabwe reported that the expulsions indicated that the president was serving his own interests and his wife.
The army took over the state TV and denied access to the government offices. The army spokesman said that it was not a coup.
Major General Moyo, the military spokesman reported that the military was seeking to “pacify a degenerating, economic, and social situation in Zimbabwe”. The Major General denied a coup. They were only targeting those criminals around the president who are causing economic and social suffering in the Zimbabwe.

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Ms. Risper Buyeke is a freelance writer based in Nairobi, Kenya. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Economics from University of Nairobi. Risper is interested in researching and writing on businesses, politics, and technology.

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